18 vs. 21 Should this even be an issue?

Up untill 1986 the drinking age in the United States was 18.  So if you turned 18 in 1986, I’m sorry!  The united states has the highest rate of teen drinking and alcohol related teen deaths than any other country.  According to Bill   Schakner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, students in Canada (drinking age=18) you hardly see college students downing drink after drink BECAUSE its legal.  A lot of people argue that a brain isn’t fully developed untill 21….ok…well if they are saying they can’t handle alcohol cause their brains are not fully developed, then how come so many people over 21 are getting arrested for DWI’s and getting into just as much trouble, just different trouble than minors?    Then others argue that if an 18 old can fight and die for their country, why  can’t they legally pop open a beer with their friends.

Lets see what all you readers think.  If you have a personal response to this, go ahead and leave me a comment.


NOT extra credit…just more credit!

So in my theater part of my FLC my teacher is having us put on a pruduction.  This production includes many scenes all fit together to pretty much say the same thing.  They are all about relationships.  Or well the failing types anyway.  So my part in all this, is directing two of the scenes.  They will capture what is very very wrong in relationships, and hopefully will help those out there that are stuck in relationships like them.  So i hope these pictures will help the tech crew.

The objectification of woman in the music industry commentary

The music industry for years has been objectifying and degrading woman on a  scale that is now far to hard to ignore.  Woman are being used as sexual objects rather an actual being.  The media is turning woman into “pieces of booty served up for the pleasure of powerful men..” (Mtv News Now) There are a wide range of lyrics that promote sexual violence and objectification of woman such as  Eminem’s Kim includes the lyrics, “Sit down bitch If you move again I’ll beat the shit out of you…Now shut the fuck up and get what’s comin to you. You were supposed to love me {choking} NOW BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED! BITCH BLEED! BLEED!”   And other lyrics, “Fuckin your bitch in the ass with a tire iron.. ” is a line from Under the Influence.  Who Knew says, “Fuck that, take drugs, rape sluts…” Amityville includes the lyrics, “My little sister’s birthday, she’ll remember me. For a gift I had ten of my boys take her virginity..”  The “stereotype” of degrading woman is most commonly only connected to rap videos, but it is also seen in rock as well.  This Video from Youtube explains quite well the advantage men are taking over women as well as how women are objectifying themselves.

This kind of behavior is not only tolerated by society but is also encouraged.  We have come to and age where submissiveness  of women is what sells.

Who loves who? “The Cherry Orchard”

As a class we were required to go and see UNM’s production of “The Cherry Orchard”.  “The Cherry Orchard” is a Russian classic written by Anton Chekhov.  Russian classic meaning how can you really follow it! Our class’s first taste of this play was reading it together.  (This is the part where you hear the crickets in the room, followed by a bunch of question marks dancing around your head, and you think to yourself, “why?”.  Yea, I did not picture the play at all the way I did when I went and saw it.  Reading it made it confusing, depressing and dull; but seeing it was not as confusing, funny, and a bit more enjoyable.  I don’t know if it was the angle that the director took, or how the play is actually supposed to be seen, but I caught relationships going on that I definitely had not caught while reading it.  Lyuba and Lopakhin share what seems to be a secret but strong love with each other.  This relationship out of all others caught me off guard completely.   The whole time while reading the play all I kept seeing was the persistence of Lyuba trying to get Lopakhin to marry Varya.  Then the play comes and all I see is her telling him the same thing, but showing him something different.  She would say “you should marry Varya” while at the same time telling him she loved him by gently stroking his face or hand while deeply looking in his eyes with a sadness knowing that they can never truly be together.

Poor sad little boy!

Ok…so I have this friend we’ll call him Tommy for the sake of not wanting to embarrass him if he were to end up reading this.  Anyways back to the story, my friend Tommy is a very sweet and well, very confused young man.  He has a horrible habit of falling for the wrong girls at the wrong times.  You know what I mean?  You know those type of guys right?  The ones that continually believe the bull shit that girls throw at them just to get what they want out of the guys they know will give it to them!  Well recently Tommy has fallen hard for this (to keep it PG and appropriate for younger readers) not very nice girl.  We’ll call her Tiffany.  Well…Tiffany has come to notice what a sweet and generous guy Tommy is, and what does she decide to do?  For three weeks now Tiffany has been using as much of Tommy as she can.  She is sweet and innocent when he is around telling him how much she likes him, but just isn’t ready for a relationship! BS!!!  He has major puppy dog eyes for her, but doesn’t realize that she will never give him the time of day.  Whenever I try to talk to him about it he is absolutely appalled and in disbelief that anyone could ever say such terrible things about her.  He buys her everything, he has stopped seeing other girls, and is now trying to get her to be in a relationship with him.  She…well she asks for everything from him, she is seeing three other guys that I know of (probably more), and continues to tell him that she just isn’t ready for anything serious “cause she just got out of a serious relationship.”  Give me a break!  Guys,  if you are like Tommy, please, please, believe your very trusting friends when they tell you a girl is bad news.  Girls, if you are a Tiffany, STOP! You might be getting away with your bitchiness, and manipulation now, but eventually it will catch up to you, and you will meet someone like me!!  Trust me when I say this, someone like me will set you straight!  So Tiffany if you happen to read this, watch yourself!

                        Till next time

How you doing readers?

Hello readers,

      So I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so I thought I would blog about the relationship stuff that happens to me, my friends or things that I see happen around me in this wonderful place called UNM.  Which, as we all know, can have some pretty crazy things happen.  I’m sure you’ve seen a thing or two you wished you could have had a camara right at that moment, right?  Im a freshman at the University of New Mexico, with a major that lots of people are familiar with, UNDECIDED.  Yep, im one of those wishy washy girls that can not decide something as simple as my future.  I will report back soon readers.  Have a terrific day!